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Week 1: Stop Motion

A LEGO short film made by Xiao Ma, James Huang and I with our first experience of using Dragon Stop Motion. Immediately after dividing up our groups, we quickly thought of LEGO as our character for storytelling. In our progress… Continue Reading →

Week 8: Video and Sound

minion from Ella Chung on Vimeo. http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/ellacyt/sketches/BylxmyvR- From the video I learned in making sliders to adjusting the volume,¬† I also applied the slider value to the sound rate to tune up and down of my lovely character who always… Continue Reading →

Final Project Concept

Interactivity of Aurora lights¬† My inspiration Throughout my inspiration of working with lights, soundscapes and environmental creation in previous art installations. I want to make use of my artistic side to create an installation combining fabrics with lights and projection…. Continue Reading →

Midterm project: Scary Box

For the midterm project, my partner Assel and I wanted to make an idea which is similar to “useless box”. When you approach the Ultrasonic distance sensor, the spider will pop out from the box’s lid to scare you. We… Continue Reading →

Final Cut

Making Time with Che-Wei from Lucas on Vimeo.   After a rough cut of an overall interview, we received many useful and straight-to-the-point feedbacks. We took the consideration of Gabe’s advice on filming the feeling of busy on street, and… Continue Reading →

Week 6 : DOM elements

http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/ellacyt/sketches/B18kzqVa-   I love the DOM elements! The html and css are fun to play with in different styles. I have added a slider so that you can change the frequency of the DNA flow. You can also type out… Continue Reading →

Week 6 : Mounting motor

This last project is mounting motors, I used the servo as an automatic feeder by utilizing the time it swings to fall food and close up in a certain time! I have to admit that this isn’t the best I… Continue Reading →

Asynchronous Serial Communication Quiz 4

1. When two computers communicate using asynchronous serial communication, there are properties that they must both agree upon in order to communicate. What are those properties? the rate at which data is sent and read the voltage levels representing a… Continue Reading →

Rough Cut

Here is our rough cut for Che-wei’s Documentary! Video Link

Week 5 : Classes and Array

In this process of making arrays, it was first a bit confused. Eventually I tried failing it fast and figure it out soon. I am making 2 different arrays, and I hope to find better solution in organizing it more… Continue Reading →

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