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Week 5 : Prototype

Desktop version https://invis.io/5AG3U3JSG48#/282251429_Desktop    Mobile version https://invis.io/94G3U73FBGV#/282251222_Mobile_Main_2    

Week 5 : Outcast in the Future (Midterm)

Creating characters and animation This week, I have learned to use the sequencer in “Cinematics”. Applying animation to the character rig, and transforming location, rotation to the PAWN camera. At first, I attempted to use a chain of animation from… Continue Reading →

Week 5 : Networking

Github: https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week5 Process: Learned how to import libraries into Xcode via Cocoapods (THANKS, NIEN!) Used Swiping Gestures to control the direction Added UIImage to display when swiping different direction Results: Week 5 : Networking from Ella Chung on Vimeo.

Week 4 : Experience Map + User Journey

Brief: Making a customized widget web app to start off a day easily and focused. This web app could also communicate with the community and motivate user by adding music to ease off their pressure of starting a day.  … Continue Reading →

Final Proposal

1. Create File sharing web app with Express ReactJs backend of images/file profile sign in and out create database 2. Q&A web app Angular.js Express putting questions answering questions solved or not tag commenting 3. User profile or dashboard? Vue.js? Express.js… Continue Reading →

Week 4: Moodboard + Storyline

Moodboard     Storyline https://pasteapp.com/p/DiC2frawiEQ    Concept Looking at a future world where it happens after “Last Christmas”, an apocalypse virus was spread all over the world, all human beings have vanished. My character is going into the future world… Continue Reading →

Week 4: UI Animations

Assignment   GITHUB https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week4 Principles of Animation After reading the articles of Jedi Principles of UI Animation, I have also found some animation regarding of UX Motion: https://medium.com/ux-in-motion/creating-usability-with-motion-the-ux-in-motion-manifesto-a87a4584ddc    Driven by the Disney’s Principles of Animation   In prototyping stage, I love… Continue Reading →

SPYSCAPE: museum visit

Last Sunday, I visited a new museum called SPYSCAPE. The experience was to explore amazing real-life spy stories and artifacts, understanding your spy skills, and to find out what kind of spy you could be. This just SOUNDS FUN to… Continue Reading →

Week 3: Start with Research

Target: Parents Caregiving Creatives production management ITP/Co-works work management (students/teachers) Presentation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1No9J4a9pz4GX9bUTHUzqfwH6e3EChTRAZsbM23jRHhM   

Week 3 : Connecting Viewcontrollers + UI Design

My Icon Design     Using IconKit to resize the app icon size which is very useful! They have also reassigned its position automatically than the free software mentioned earlier. Connecting View Controllers Problems: “Hex:” code problems = added UIColors… Continue Reading →

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