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World’s on a Wire: VR

Week 8 : Final proposal

Storyline The VR final proposal, I will be collaborating with Eva to continue on their VR projects before with Huiyi. We are going to reuse the main storyline of a cyborg haracter wakes up from a spaceship, and unable to… Continue Reading →

Week 6: Midterm –

In the Unreal Engine, I have created a slower place of animation sequence with the HMDmotioncontrolpawn to tour around the city at first, so people would know the overall view of the city before they start exploring. After touring the… Continue Reading →

Week 5 : Outcast in the Future (Midterm)

Creating characters and animation This week, I have learned to use the sequencer in “Cinematics”. Applying animation to the character rig, and transforming location, rotation to the PAWN camera. At first, I attempted to use a chain of animation from… Continue Reading →

Week 4: Moodboard + Storyline

Moodboard     Storyline https://pasteapp.com/p/DiC2frawiEQ    Concept Looking at a future world where it happens after “Last Christmas”, an apocalypse virus was spread all over the world, all human beings have vanished. My character is going into the future world… Continue Reading →

Week3: VR storytelling & Pawn

WOAW-VR-WEEK3 from Ella Chung on Vimeo.   VR storytelling Making classes of triggers and HMD motion pawn gave me a sense of creating first-person’s interactivity in VR’s dimension. This invites me to think of the distinction between film narratives and… Continue Reading →

Week 2: Unreal Engine exploration

Having to experience Unreal Engine in my previous class, I realized it is almost impossible to use Mac to render Unreal Engine. This time, I practice more with the user interface in Windows. Exploring the building tools, and finally able… Continue Reading →

Week 1: VR showdown

This is my first VR experience and I am very excited about it! I started to set up the Oculus space in the Microstudio and connecting the remote controls with the adapter, sensors, and headset. Setups I found that the… Continue Reading →

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