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Video and Audio

Final Cut

Making Time with Che-Wei from Lucas on Vimeo.   After a rough cut of an overall interview, we received many useful and straight-to-the-point feedbacks. We took the consideration of Gabe’s advice on filming the feeling of busy on street, and… Continue Reading →

Rough Cut

Here is our rough cut for Che-wei’s Documentary! Video Link

On-set filming

In our preparation, we have assign each of us a main role for filming, and we will switch the roles in between for exchanging the filming experience. I have came across several student film sets and learned from them about… Continue Reading →


A 3-5 minute (max) audio/video PORTRAIT OF A SPECIALIST (shoemaker, whistler, botanist, dog trainer, chemist, etc). Think about framework for the piece: documentary, experimental, multi-channel installation, online viewers, etc In the storyboard of “Portrait of a specialist”, we came up… Continue Reading →

Soundwalk + The Machine stops

ITP Stairwell Soundwalk by Ella Chung, Chian Huang, and James Schmitz. The concept behind was to record the audio of ourselves walking from the main entrance of NYU Tisch building up all 12 flights of stairs to the top of… Continue Reading →

Her long black hair sound walk

I started Janet’s Cardiff’s Her Long Black Hair sound walk at the morning of Central Park. The immediate listening and physical interaction with environment seems like a “double exposure” of the memory, retracing the paths she went, knowing the history… Continue Reading →

The Ecstasy of Influence

A plagiarism By Jonathan Lethem “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.” —attributed to Jean-Luc Godard The misconception or allergy to originality turns working artists as monster who does not respect the original creators and… Continue Reading →

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