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Week 14: Final – Love Testing

Produced by: Ivy Huang, Eva Chen, Ella Chung Our Concept: Our concept of the love testing machine: Whoever you are, wether you are female or male, senior or child, whatever your nationality, your culture, your race, your age is,  it… Continue Reading →

Week 12: Project Final update v2

Should we keep it in a heart shape beating that emanates the results of checking the pulse and humidity? Or should we change it into an interactivity that users could synchronize in the process? The result is we are doing… Continue Reading →

Week 10: Final project plans update

In this week, we want to vary our results with pulse and humidity sensor and the meaning of interactivity. Should we keep it in a heart shape beating that emanates the results of checking the pulse and humidity? Or should… Continue Reading →

Week 9: Project planning

For the final project, I might collaborate with Eva Chen and Ivy on the heart beat testing. Basically, the project is attempting to create a heart beating match result. The plan is to combine 2 individual’s pulse and humidity sensor… Continue Reading →

Final Project Concept

Interactivity of Aurora lights  My inspiration Throughout my inspiration of working with lights, soundscapes and environmental creation in previous art installations. I want to make use of my artistic side to create an installation combining fabrics with lights and projection…. Continue Reading →

Midterm project: Scary Box

For the midterm project, my partner Assel and I wanted to make an idea which is similar to “useless box”. When you approach the Ultrasonic distance sensor, the spider will pop out from the box’s lid to scare you. We… Continue Reading →

Asynchronous Serial Communication Quiz 4

1. When two computers communicate using asynchronous serial communication, there are properties that they must both agree upon in order to communicate. What are those properties? the rate at which data is sent and read the voltage levels representing a… Continue Reading →

Why Sketch for user experience?

Design purpose Functions Use Case Storyboard Interface and components User test and construct Conclusions In the above cheatsheet of designing an interactive artwork, we have to imagine how it look and perform through sketching it out. Sketching out ideas and… Continue Reading →

Making Interactive Art: Set the Stage, Then Shut Up and Listen

  “If you want an actor to offer an authentic emotional performance, you can’t tell him what to think or what to do. You can suggest intentions, but you can’t give him interpretations…He’ll discover the statement you’re looking to make… Continue Reading →

Week 5 : Show and tell

I have made a portable LED light panel for photo shoot by using the basic circuit of potentiometer. 1. Taping the LED light strips and using laser cut to cut out the acrylic for enclosures. 2. Soldering wires together 3…. Continue Reading →

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