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Mobile Lab

Final: Weekendr App

What is this? Sharing travel places and experience through a photo-sharing social app and fill your bucket list with your dream trips! What I have learned and crashes  Firebase Storyboard Connections with codes Wrong Target Duplicated and wrong outlets for… Continue Reading →

Week 6

Camera Detect (working with Yuan Hau)  Using object detection models with camera Github: https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week6 Demo: Camera Detect from Ella Chung on Vimeo.  

Week 5 : Networking

Github: https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week5 Process: Learned how to import libraries into Xcode via Cocoapods (THANKS, NIEN!) Used Swiping Gestures to control the direction Added UIImage to display when swiping different direction Results: Week 5 : Networking from Ella Chung on Vimeo.

Week 4: UI Animations

Assignment   GITHUB https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week4 Principles of Animation After reading the articles of Jedi Principles of UI Animation, I have also found some animation regarding of UX Motion: https://medium.com/ux-in-motion/creating-usability-with-motion-the-ux-in-motion-manifesto-a87a4584ddc    Driven by the Disney’s Principles of Animation   In prototyping stage, I love… Continue Reading →

Week 3 : Connecting Viewcontrollers + UI Design

My Icon Design     Using IconKit to resize the app icon size which is very useful! They have also reassigned its position automatically than the free software mentioned earlier. Connecting View Controllers Problems: “Hex:” code problems = added UIColors… Continue Reading →

Week 2: Unlock Screen

SWIFT Programming After following the Swift Lynda video tutorials, it has given me some ideas that it worked similarly with Javascript/p5. The if, while and for loops statement would be useful to activate different actions. I have many errors and… Continue Reading →

Week 1: One button App

After downloading the Xcode and the finishing all the setups, I reviewed the codes and how to use the Interface Builder & Storyboards. Then, I tried running the app on both hardware and simulator. The hardware gave me a more… Continue Reading →

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