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Week 6 : Mounting motor

This last project is mounting motors, I used the servo as an automatic feeder by utilizing the time it swings to fall food and close up in a certain time! I have to admit that this isn’t the best I… Continue Reading →

Week 5: Copper + Felt

This project I used velcro as my fasteners for felt and combining with the use of copper pipes. Magazine racks have become my personal favorite recently for storing my design magazines. I find myself inevitable to get rid of magazines… Continue Reading →

Week 4 : Enclosure

This week of Fabrication’s enclosure, I chose to use acrylic with standoffs as the enclosure of my LED light panel for photo shooting. I learnt from the experience of making it with trials and errors, and figuring out the sizes… Continue Reading →

Week 3 : New York map acrylic light

As I saw the amazing Bulbing Lamp from the reference, I want to challenge myself to make a acrylic LED light from scratch! I will be etching the NY map onto an acrylic, and use soldering to connect the LEDs,… Continue Reading →

Week 2 : Multiples

In this week of assignment, we have to make multiples of something, 5 or more. I have decided to do something I am interested in — a floating bonsai. Even though I am allergic to flowers, I wanted to have… Continue Reading →

Week 1: Flashlight

Assignment: Build a flashlight using any tool(s) or technique(s) you’d like. I’m defining a flashlight as: portable, battery powered, and creates light. Step 1: Draft and researching ideas on how to make a flashlight:  I came across different DIY youtube… Continue Reading →

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