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Impossible Maps


I have done similar things of combining music and weather data, but not in an interactive map. For the final, I wanted to combine the Mapbox with Spotify player, but I don’t know how to set the link to be… Continue Reading →

Week4: Feminist data

What would feminist data visualization look like? At first, I was kind of unsure why gender is linked to data. I agreed on that there are many missing data from mapping, and we should restore those data for more accuracy… Continue Reading →

Week 3: Mapping’s Intelligent Agents

The discussion of the self-driving cars combines different sensory and machine learning to make cars more intelligent in readings spatial and geolocation. This could be the short way to improve traffic flow in immediate condition, but what interests me most… Continue Reading →

Week 2: Map with data

Link: https://ellacyt.github.io/Week2/index.html Created GeoJSON: http://geojson.io/#id=gist:ellacyt/1f17ece0790191d2f5c00ddb14683265&map=1/44/41  Using the Happiness ranking of the global world in 2017

Week 1: Making a web map, Apple vs Google Maps

Experimental Geography: From Cultural Production to the Production of Space The idea of geography in my childhood was about the geographical location of different countries and how the earth was being made. In my past memories, the geography seems to… Continue Reading →

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