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Design Meaningful interactions

Final: Student Dashboard

Problems: There are many miscommunications between teachers and students in a college community. To collaborate with many team members, you would find yourself lack of organizing tools that help planning for meetings and office hours with teachers. Your communication tools would… Continue Reading →

Week 5 : Prototype

Desktop version https://invis.io/5AG3U3JSG48#/282251429_Desktop    Mobile version https://invis.io/94G3U73FBGV#/282251222_Mobile_Main_2    

Week 4 : Experience Map + User Journey

Brief: Making a customized widget web app to start off a day easily and focused. This web app could also communicate with the community and motivate user by adding music to ease off their pressure of starting a day.  … Continue Reading →

Week 3: Start with Research

Target: Parents Caregiving Creatives production management ITP/Co-works work management (students/teachers) Presentation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1No9J4a9pz4GX9bUTHUzqfwH6e3EChTRAZsbM23jRHhM   

Week 2: Macro to Micro

Mood board

Week 1: The Design of Everyday Things

My Everyday Object  I have fallen in love with my apple earpods since I bought it. I love the sleek and simplicity of the earpod, and the charger for the earpod is a decent design. In terms of usabilities, you have… Continue Reading →

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