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Week 14: Final – Love Testing

Produced by: Ivy Huang, Eva Chen, Ella Chung Our Concept: Our concept of the love testing machine: Whoever you are, wether you are female or male, senior or child, whatever your nationality, your culture, your race, your age is,  it… Continue Reading →

Week 9: Final project proposal

For the final project, I collaborate with Eva Chen and Ivy on the heart beat testing. Basically, the project is attempting to create a heart beating match result. The plan is to combine 2 individual’s pulse and humidity sensor to… Continue Reading →

Week 8: Video and Sound

minion from Ella Chung on Vimeo. http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/ellacyt/sketches/BylxmyvR- From the video I learned in making sliders to adjusting the volume,  I also applied the slider value to the sound rate to tune up and down of my lovely character who always… Continue Reading →

Week 6 : DOM elements

http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/ellacyt/sketches/B18kzqVa-   I love the DOM elements! The html and css are fun to play with in different styles. I have added a slider so that you can change the frequency of the DNA flow. You can also type out… Continue Reading →

Week 5 : Classes and Array

In this process of making arrays, it was first a bit confused. Eventually I tried failing it fast and figure it out soon. I am making 2 different arrays, and I hope to find better solution in organizing it more… Continue Reading →

Week 4 : Function and object

This week, I have tried using function to draw complex design with multiples time with different inputs. The ramen and bowl’s height could be input different arguments and possibilities, and I also reorganize the function in a cleaner look. Additionally, I… Continue Reading →

Week 4 : Function Quiz

Quiz 4: https://itpnyu.github.io/ICM-Quizzes/week4-functions/   1. Recreate the above image by calling the function iceCream() in a for loop. Use a random diameter for each call to iceCream(). http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/ellacyt/sketches/ByaJx92j- 2. Write a program that implements the above sketch. Complete function CtoF() that receives a temperature in Celsius (°C) as… Continue Reading →

Week 3 : Quiz

1. Consider a grading system where numbers are turned into letters. Fill in the blanks in the following code to complete the boolean expression. 2. Move a rectangle across a window by incrementing a variable. Start the shape at x… Continue Reading →

Week 3 : Collaboration code

Try making a rollover, button, or slider from scratch. Compare your code to the examples below. Later we’ll look at how this compare to interface elements we’ll get for free from the browser. Create an algorithmic design with simple parameters. (One… Continue Reading →

Week 2 : Animation

p5.js Link   Create a sketch that includes (all of these): One element controlled by the mouse. One element that changes over time, independently of the mouse. One element that is different every time you run the sketch. (You can… Continue Reading →

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