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Week 7: Final character application

Animation_unreal from Ella Chung on Vimeo. My final character was lying on the floor for a game application in Unreal Engine using the Blueprints of the game character. I originally wanted to make a game console with my character. I… Continue Reading →

Week 6: Working with Unreal Engine

Learning how to use landscape mode, rotating and transforming objects.

Week 5: Working with Adobe CC Fuse, Mixamo, Unreal Engine

Making a detective character from Adobe CC Fuse and exporting it to Mixamo, to preview the animation actions of the character.

Week 3-4: Animation story with AfterEffects

The Bakery is an animation story happening at a bakery store. Once a man lost his passion for his ordinary life, but he remained living and buying his favorite croissant at his favorite bakery store. At this bakery store, he met… Continue Reading →

Week 2: Storyboard + After Effects


Week 1: Stop Motion

A LEGO short film made by Xiao Ma, James Huang and I with our first experience of using Dragon Stop Motion. Immediately after dividing up our groups, we quickly thought of LEGO as our character for storytelling. In our progress… Continue Reading →

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