Project 5: Identity Scan experiment



Identity Scan is an interactive installation that speaks about how much technology defines our identity by scanning our personal privacy for security. Airport security requires each traveler to do a certain pose to pass the body scanners. These scanners are actually exposing passenger’s body information, and TSA could cross the line, by searching you in an inappropriate way or racial profiling you.

The body scanners mostly would say there is something detected on your body, but almost 40% of the chance is that something wrong with the machine with inaccurate detection.

It is an exploration of using projection mapping in front of users in this Kinect experience.

Biometrics are coming, along with serious security concerns.


The use of data about your body by scanning is largely unregulated, and taking away your personal data without consent, or even public your body scan.

Why this experimental project?

I am interested in using projection mapping in front of the user, instead of projection mapping on the wall for display. Technically requires more machine learning for a smooth experience, as the projection mapping light will affect the performance of Kinect.

It was inspired by New York Live Art’s live performance: AI: Are You Brave Enough for The Brave New World? I really love the projection mapping on the life scale of the human, and how they are integrating connections between AI and human beings.

Going forward

Interaction could user have to figure out the right pose for detection. If the pose is wrong, the projection would show red flashing lights. If the pose is right, it will show “clear”.

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