Project 1: Let there be light!

We visited the Leo Villareal’s HIVE light installation at the subway station along the 6 train at Bleecker.

Light Installation Project

In this light sculpture project, our group (Vidia, Haiyi and me) wanted to experiment the connection between lights and color filters. While we are testing out different reflective materials like foil paper, mirrors and some color filter with the lights. We found out that the light will be absorbed by the color filter which makes an interesting connection.

The color filter shows color by absorbing certain parts of the light spectrum and reflecting the parts that remain:

  • When the blue LED light hits the red filter, the blue will be absorbed and no light will be reflected, giving the object an appearance of being black.
  • When the red LED light hits the red filter, the object will then be reflected and shows the lantern inside the box.

Interactivity of this light sculpture is walking in various distance between the audience and the installation. At first, the audience will find the beating blue light attracts their attention, and as they walk closer to the sculpture, the light changes into red, and it will also show that there is a hidden object with the red light.

We made the enclosure with the pizza boxes and cardboard, and hang the lantern inside the box with wires. We also wanted to show the blue light by cutting out the side of the boxes, so that the audience would know the differences between red and blue light in this sculpture.

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