Week 2: Lasso of Truth

The Conceptual sentences

  1. Lasso of Truth is about knowing the truth of another’s heart.
  2. Lasso of Truth is about the female superhero Wonder Woman originally came from William Marston’s first lie detector. 
  3. Lasso of Truth is about the polyamorous relationship of the unusual romance between William Marston, his wife and his research assistant, lie detector, and their bondage interest created the first Wonder Woman in the comics about feminism and freedom in the society and insecurities in relationships. 

The Elanor Fuchs questions

The play has a very tight indoor space and urban interiors, such as William’s house, lab, Gloria’s office, and the guy and girl’s record store.

Several timelines are being played at the same time, some parts of the time are non-linear to have fast dialogues and slow time by having some long pauses in between the actions. 

The climate of the house and lab seems to be dry for indoors most of the time, and moist when they are using the lie detection and their interactions at the house. For the guy and the girl scene, it is mostly hot. 

I see darkness, intense, ecstatic as the fantasy mood. A sense of doubt, and insecurities happened among the relationships of William, his wife, and the assistant, because of their vow and dishonesty through the lie detector. 

The storyline is driven by complicated relationships, tensions in emotions, conflicts and different judgments from different angles. 

Social World
People are very insecure that they always question each other’s heart for the truth while they want to break the rules by hiding the truth. Complicated emotions and contradictions of their minds. 

First and central image
What I felt the strongest tension is when Amazon ties up the Wife in the closet for purely women’s pleasure and ignoring the dominance of the inventor. It seems like the male dominant more in most of the relationship, and female is considered to be secondary, so the changes come when two female happen on the same scene, and one of the females became dominant. 

Inventor, the Wife, and the Amazon are exchanging their powers in their relationship, from Inventor manipulating the wife while the wife is both controlling and supporting inventor, and submissive to the Amazon. Amazon is then controlling the wife and expressing the power through bondage. 

Just wondering if three people in the relationship could really maintain the balance of love and equality when doubt and insecurities are between partners? Could people love two people at the same time or is it just lust? 

Cornell Boxes response

The Cornell box is my response of the Lasso of truth. Butterfly means a miracle of transformation from secondary to primary identity of female in society. The butterfly is also the symbol of the characters that came together to find the truth of another’s heart a long the way. For me, the inventor, his wife and the assistant is like an experiment in the society, so I have put some bottles and lab-like images, which is like testing out the feminism idea in the society in that time. They are like the pioneer of trying out something new in the society.

There is a bottle that is labeled “happiness”, as their love could be so pure and complicated. It is complicated in relationships with three people in your life with society’s standard, but it is also just pure love of loving each other.

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