Week 1: Journey Map

This week, we have to interview a classmate to understand their way home. From the interview, I asked my classmate to tell me in details on his way home. He lives in New Jersey, so he has to change from subway to PATH transportation back to Jersey, and they are 2 different systems. 

He uses Google Map APP to find his way home often, even though it might not be too accurate when the train comes. He finds subway’s environment is unbearable and dirty. He also thinks the subway system should be improved their train frequency and accurate signals to avoid delays. 

Journey Map


My interviewee comes from China, where the transportation is much traveling faster, convenient and cleaner. 

Faster: Trains are mostly accurate and waiting time is only between 1-5 mins each time. Clear guidance to which exits to go which maps and numbering exits. 

Convenient: Users are required to top up anytime and anywhere, as China has serious rush hours and could be very packed.

Cleaner: The train doesn’t operate all day, it only runs until 1 am. The maintenance could then allow more time to improve systems and more accurate signals. It is also easier to keep the station clean. 


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