Week 1: Immersive space

3-minutes video tour

  • Take a field trip to an “immersive space.” Create a 3-minute video tour of that space. Each person should have a turn directing the camera.

Weekly Meeting

Wednesday weekly 4-6pm

Roles and responsibilities

HafiJavascript (server-side, data viz), 2D Anim, Basic PComp, Concept prototyping3D Anim, Live visual/sound processingConcepting, visuals, any code-related aspects
HaiyiEnvironment 3D modeling/mockup (Sketch Up), Motion/Audio React/Audio Visualization (After Effects), Visual (adobe creative suites), FabricationLive visual/sound processing, projection mapping, project managementConcepting, 3D environment mockup, fabrication, motion design
EllaMotion Visualization (aftereffects), Projection Mapping, Motion Capture, Graphic Design, Photography/videography, Unity coding, Apps codingLive image processing, C4D(3D), storytelling, directing, interactivity, stagingConcept development, motion design, project management, projection mapping, motion capturing
BrandonGymnastics and Acrobatic Floor Tumbling
Contemporary Dance
American Sign Language
Spanish and French
Lighting Scenes
Seeing Pathways of Movement in the Air
Projection Mapping
How to effectively and artistically film the human body

Visual (adobe creative suites)
Create a narrative to connect various ideas together. As an actor, storyline is a lot of fun to follow. As a dancer, I like to dance to music, but words really are the lifeblood of my life. If we could do anything mixed with motion capture and paint, smoke, honey, soap, fog, mist, PLUS the swirls and twists of American Sign Language, Acrobatics and Dance, I think that would be my ideal project. It would be an honor to incorporate ASL into the work. Like signing the word for FLOWER then having a flower appear from our video footage? Hands taking up a HUGE amount of space is also something very beautiful on a big screen. Playing with textures and noises and associations of natural sounds with actions. Odd shapes, beautiful shapes, luxurious lines of curvature through space.

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