Week 1: What is motion capture?



In my interest in motion capture, I would like to envision particles to create a human body form and trace the movements, like light sparkles, sand, water, light streaks, cloth, these different textures to explore in motion. Using the environment’s shadow and light to create a 3D space interacting with the moving body.

Motive Lab 1

Thanks to the amazing Gabriel, we managed to have a fun, party video of calibrating cameras with motion capture!

Thanks to the group Yiyao Nie, Yu-Hsuan, Yibing and Gabriel!

Calibrating cameras

  1. At the live camera, use the tracking stick to swipe continuously in front of all the cameras until each camera reached 10,000 samples.
  2. Press calculate and it will calibrate the cameras’ positions.
  3. Use an L shape calibrator, by pointing Z-axis towards the character, to calibrate the ground of the cameras with offset.

Recording assets at Motive

  1. Right-click the rigid body > Create from selected markers
  2. Record live sessions and save as .fbx format
  3. Select Data streaming under “View” tab to stream the rigid bodies to Unreal Engine

Connecting live streaming between Motive and Unreal

  1. Under the Motive’s OptiTrack Streaming Engine > Network Interface > find server address []
  2. Under Unreal Engine (4.19 version), create Optitrack Client Origin & Optitrack Rigid Body Actor, set both Movable
  3. At the Optitrack Client Origin, go to Optitrack and input
    1. server address []
    2. client address []
  4. Create a material sphere under the root of Optitrack Rigid Body Actor, under Optitrack input the Tracking ID. At the Motive, the tracking ID is from top to bottom (1 to 4).
  5. DONE!




Merce Cunningham
Motive Tutorials 

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