Week 3: Mapping’s Intelligent Agents

The discussion of the self-driving cars combines different sensory and machine learning to make cars more intelligent in readings spatial and geolocation. This could be the short way to improve traffic flow in immediate condition, but what interests me most is about how we should redesign the environment and cityscape to be more easier to read for the human. The urban design could take longer time than self-driving cars, but if we redesign our environment much easier to read and navigate, maybe it could be easier for the machine to understand too. Humans are multitasking in driving and read navigation, it could still cause conflicts and problems too, not to mention machine learning. There are many assistive ways for human beings to read surroundings, by using maps in AR, sensory with cars, app or wearable technology. Could flying cars be one of our future 3D maps too?


Mapping’s Intelligent Agents


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