Week 8 : Final proposal


The VR final proposal, I will be collaborating with Eva to continue on their VR projects before with Huiyi. We are going to reuse the main storyline of a cyborg haracter wakes up from a spaceship, and unable to remember what had happened before. In the spacecraft, he was trying to find clues and objects to retrieve back his memories. 

Slides Link



In this ADRIFT game, we could see that the player have to survive by grabbing different objects to keep up the Oxygen level, and to tour around the surroundings to find a survival route. In our interactive, we also wanted the player to have a sense of finding and grabbing objects in the spacecraft. Maybe it could indicate how many objects should be found.




For the style, we found some similar assets in the marketplace that we wanted to achieve for a sci-fi environment.





We have come up some ideas of what the interactions could be to activate another storyline:

  • Grab photos and toggle show video
  • Play radio to play audio
  • Throw the locked box to get key
  • Grab a letter/notes written by someone


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