Final – Weather.muse

I have used Jquery for this final project and made CSS styles along with the AJAX, express, and node.js.


For the login page,  I only create a simple, fake login page but it is able to verify login account.

After inputting the correct login information, it will go to the index page.


I started off my website structure at the index.html with a bootstrap template to divide them into 3 areas:

  • Weather forecasting,
  • To-do list, and
  • a Spotify player embedded,

that will change according to the temperature in the current location. After logging in the webpage, you will be able to load the main page. When you are able to see the weather data generated, you will also see the specific Spotify playlist for different weather and mood.



Sometimes the Spotify will only work with or without my Spotify being open. I tried to use the API but it will only play for 30secs preview, so I used my own player instead as the playlist. Spotify only allows logged in Spotify users who have premium service to listen to the full track.




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