Week 6: Midterm –

In the Unreal Engine, I have created a slower place of animation sequence with the HMDmotioncontrolpawn to tour around the city at first, so people would know the overall view of the city before they start exploring.

After touring the city, the player will restore back to the original position, and they could hit the door with the collision ball near the player, the door will then fall apart so the player could go through it by using the destructive mesh. There is also a character beside the door talking to the player too, I have added animation to the riggered character from Mixamo.

Thank you so much for the help, Todd! I finally realized it’s my scaling problems and figuring it out the NavMeshBound Volume and the renaming “OculusHMD” part that makes the teleporting successfully.

VR-midterm from Ella Chung on Vimeo.




  • Interaction
    • toggling lights
    • toggling collisions with objects and throw at objects
    • destructive mesh for the door
  • Animation:
    • Transforming location and rotation
    • character auto-play
    • Keep state (for the character to stay to the end of the animation state)
  • Other settings:
    • NavMeshBound
    • OculusHMD
    • scaling properly

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