Week 5 : Outcast in the Future (Midterm)

Creating characters and animation

This week, I have learned to use the sequencer in “Cinematics”. Applying animation to the character rig, and transforming location, rotation to the PAWN camera. At first, I attempted to use a chain of animation from pointing, walking, pushing button at the entrance, but I found that it was a bit confusing where to set my character to go after he had done walking, as he went back to the original position for the next action. I have also rendered out the video of the sequence, the title by now is called Outcast in the Future.


Is there a way to link these actions together, and how to move the position according to the walking and other actions?


Use Root motion (stay in place animation), and then use code or keyframes to move the characters and objects.


Midterm Draft Video



I watched the ‘Giant’ and it is a heartbreaking experience about war-torn Serbia. From the shadows casting’s First person view and transform back to third person perspective in a corner of the room to see the family crushed by the ceiling. This experience is both active and non-active observant position in the VR. It seems like we are the character inside calling back the memories from a third person perspective.

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