Week 4 : Experience Map + User Journey


Making a customized widget web app to start off a day easily and focused. This web app could also communicate with the community and motivate user by adding music to ease off their pressure of starting a day.



Experience Map:

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  1. Hi Ella, this is fantastic work! I am so impressed with your deep thinking and problem-solving skills.
    Thank you for creating both a user journey and an experience map. Having both helps me (and your audience) to understand the product concept well. Few things I recommend:
    1. Although, you have eight columns in your experience map, make a bigger bucket for your timeline (the very top row). The titles such as ‘develop,’ ‘events,’ ‘feedback’ are not intuitive and confusing. Try to bucket the process into 3-4 steps.
    2. Watch out for grammar.
    3. There are a lot of features under ideas. Are you picking few things as an MVP or creating all?
    4. My biggest concern is how you will create a habit for users to incorporate your app into their routines. They are not going to start using your app from day 1. How are they finding out about your app?, What kind of push notification will you have (at what time)?, How are you adopting other apps (like Spotify) that are already ingrained in users’ habits? Creating a user flow can solve a lot of these questions.

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