SPYSCAPE: museum visit

Last Sunday, I visited a new museum called SPYSCAPE. The experience was to explore amazing real-life spy stories and artifacts, understanding your spy skills, and to find out what kind of spy you could be. This just SOUNDS FUN to me! Yay! My dream of acting as a spy.

Luckily, I am able to purchase free student admission tickets when they have a soft opening. When we enter the museum, we are all assigned a “keycard” as our profile for logging in and out of the 12 challenge stations, and we could see our spy roles after calculating scores we have completed in the challenges at the end.


Introducing us to our surveillance from the social media we used daily.

Imitation Game

My favorite movie and installations from Imitation Game

After all those introductions to Alan Turing, World War II and how encryption works in the museum, we are able to enjoy the fun of encrypting codes by ourselves! They have an interactive display that could hold 6 users to play. You choose different decisions to create a storyline and encrypt the code along the way.

Challenge 1: Encryption

Spyscape: Encryption from Ella Chung on Vimeo.


Challenge 2: Lying Game

I love how this game is simple and interactive in different sensors. Basically, you have to distinguish if Anna is lying or not.


Challenge 3: Surveillance challenge

My favorite game in this museum! You could feel like you are the spy operatives behind the actions.


Challenge 4: Laser Beam

The laser beam game just struck me, and it gives me urge to wait in lines! Definitely fun! I also love how they incorporate ADA requirements in the button to choose the height of the game.


Your results

After all those challenges I have achieved, I will have a look at my profile and it will calculate my score to see which spy role matches my personality and skillsets. My spy role is an intelligence operative!


Go have fun @ Spyscape!


10am8pm, from early Feb

928 8th Avenue, New York, NY


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