Week3: VR storytelling & Pawn

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VR storytelling

Making classes of triggers and HMD motion pawn gave me a sense of creating first-person’s interactivity in VR’s dimension. This invites me to think of the distinction between film narratives and VR storytelling. Film narratives are what mostly a “ghost with impact” would be. You are a bystander of the story but you could feel the emotions and influences from the way it is being told. Whereas “ghost without impact” is purely sensory experience and exploration. Devon Dolan ‘s explanation of 4 types of user experience guides us what forms our interactivity could be.

The most immersive experience I ever had is the interactive theatre piece Sleep No More. It is truly an experience of being an “Observant Active / Ghost with impact” in the storyline of Macbeth. The experience is fully immersive, multi-sensory, interactive that makes its content-rich. You unfold the story by walking all around the rooms the characters are related to. You see what actually the characters are trying to see and touch. You are exposed to multi-layers of the emotions and linkage between characters. Most of the time, you would act as a ghost and be wearing a mask to isolate yourself from the story. The immersive experience does have a one-on-one experience with the actors. You will be then switching roles of a participant in active and passive mode, depending on your choices.

In this form of immersive experience is very similar to the idea of VR storytelling. Users are allowed to explore different mediums in their own choices to understand the content. Film narratives could not give us the intimacy between observant and actors. Users are more so to understand someone’s shoes in narratives, and you may feel comfortable and have the time digest the concept and meaning behind the storyline, more like a big picture. Whereas VR storytelling gives you these small actions, clues, signals to explore and generate in your own unique ways of understanding. The characteristics of the VR storytelling seems to be more about the process of finding. Both forms are very exciting to see how audiences would react and how it relates to them. There could be countless of possibilities that only imagination could satisfy us.


VR blueprints errors

I have been encountering different issues of the VR blueprints, that I could not walk through or make interactions, even though I have already made trigger boxes and toggles for random lights. The area of activity is also bounded, which I am not quite sure why or maybe something wrong with the navigation or pawn’s placement. The animation is not moving too.

Design choices:

I like the impossible combination of having fire and ice together. So I created these lava flowing like water, and ice hard giants in this fun world.A cyber stranger like the “guardians of the galaxy” might be living in this world to interact with other characters, or meeting an ice giant that just started to melt from the lava.

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