Week 2: Unreal Engine exploration

Having to experience Unreal Engine in my previous class, I realized it is almost impossible to use Mac to render Unreal Engine. This time, I practice more with the user interface in Windows. Exploring the building tools, and finally able to understand the description at the right menu. I remember using Unreal Engine for the first time, I was confused in how to navigate the viewport with a mouse. After learning that there are shortcuts like: 
[W] – transform,  [E] – rotate and  [R] – scale,
it really helped me a lot in zooming in and out the world. Pressing [Alt] key could also adjust the angles too.

I have also learned to migrate assets from other projects to the current project. I explore the

[ ` ] Key will activate the console of Unreal Engine, and input highreshot 4 to save high-resolution images to “Saved” folder of Unreal.

The last tutorial I found on youtube was also about changing the sky scene, I followed the steps but still found it hard to understand. Now I know I have to press the refresh button and remove the directional light, in order to make changes in the color of the sky.


Browsing other projects about particle system and characters and migration action:


The Mystic World

In this fantasy world, I added different colors and stars to the sky.I created a landscape with copper textures and sculpt in different ways like erosion, noise, etc. Adding a water texture to the floating objects. From the other project, I migrated the waterfall, steam and dust particles, and the creepy statue to the world. I also added a spacey character from Mixamo with boxing animation to play with at the world. The whole world acts as space and mysterious atmosphere for a game player to defeat the evil.

Steam: The Lab & VRChat

The Lab is so fun to play with, especially with the arrow game! The lab acts as a quick guide to use the control to pick up things in the game and throwing in the VR world. It takes the VR in a more interactive way. The view would change where you look and go. The VRChat is hilarious that you see funny people in the network, and you can hear their sound and interact with them in the virtual world.

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