Week 5 : Networking

Github: https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week5 Process: Learned how to import libraries into Xcode via Cocoapods (THANKS, NIEN!) Used Swiping Gestures to...

Week 4: UI Animations

Assignment   GITHUB https://github.com/ellacyt/mobilelab/tree/master/Week4 Principles of Animation After reading the articles of Jedi Principles of UI Animation, I have also...

Week 3: Start with Research

Target: Parents Caregiving Creatives production management ITP/Co-works work management (students/teachers) Presentation: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1No9J4a9pz4GX9bUTHUzqfwH6e3EChTRAZsbM23jRHhM   

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