Week 1: VR showdown

This is my first VR experience and I am very excited about it!

I started to set up the Oculus space in the Microstudio and connecting the remote controls with the adapter, sensors, and headset.


I found that the headset might be a little bit for users who wear eyeglasses, especially when I was helping my another partner in the VR experience. The straps are located on both sides and on the top of the head.  I was hoping the straps could be loosened and tighten easily by fastening instead of taping. The wires of the headset are too messy and limited to space we could move, I hope the headsets could be more wireless, and less tangled. By the time I rent the Oculus set, the remote rings are rented out, so I only tried out with the Xbox controller.

VR experience

After setting up Oculus and Steam accounts, I have chosen the Henry to start with. It was amazing that the VR experience doesn’t make it feel dizzy or uncomfortable. I was quickly immersed in the surrounded sound and visual environment. I have an urge to move around and touch those virtual objects with my hand, even though I know the objects are in the virtual world.

Henry’s story is inviting and detailed, which makes it very interactive in a way that I could look around the environment to find the character and follow the balloons. I love how they appear those picture frames in different space around us, so it imitates actual environment when we are looking objects in different ways. The balloons would avoid your movement and space when they fly around. Henry gave us a third-person and first-person view conflicted with the animated story. Ladybug will guide you to explore the environment around us. The interactivity changes my way to look at the visuals, it is not just a plain, upfront rectangle view anymore.




  • Incredible visual and sound surrounding experience
  • Guide installation is step by step, and easy to follow and connect
  • Not too dizzy and uncomfortable
  • Interactivity by visual tracking and animation guide


  • headsets are wired and hard to put on for users who have eyeglasses
  • adjusting straps are loose and hard to adjust faster


Problem encountered

  • no batteries in the remote control
  • downloadable space in the laptops


Notes on articles:

 Today, all the mediums basically act as information highways, utilising, sound, stills and moving images. Experiences have become more elaborate than ever, and storytelling is at the heart of everything…I have no idea of the widespread impacts of this new era in tech, but I know it will be such a fundamental shift, that everything you’ve come to learn and gotten used to will be flipped on its head. Alice in Wonderland style.

– Linus Ekenstam,

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