Week 14: Final – Love Testing

Produced by: Ivy Huang, Eva Chen, Ella Chung

Our Concept:

Our concept of the love testing machine: Whoever you are, wether you are female or male, senior or child, whatever your nationality, your culture, your race, your age is,  it is equal for everyone  to have the rights of love.


How it works:

The operating principle of our love testing is based on humidity sensor and pulse sensor. We assume when people see the person they have feeling with, the heart will beat faster and people will start sweating especially the palm part.

We have used both sensors to test users’ heart beat level(BPM) and humidity(sweat) level.


Working process:

Two testers will stand at each side of our testing board. They won’t see each other, and they will put their hand on the same position on each side and can see each other’s hand clearly.

When they are ready, push a button to start the testing and the sensor will start work on testing numbers.

Two users will have earphones on with voice instruction and background music, and the sensors will begin testing for 40 sec and the results will come out at the end.



Visual (Animation)

An interactive animation will display according to the sensor value of each user. For the first 40 sec, little particles will wiggle and move randomly on screen, the moving range will based on the sensor value. The higher the value, the larger the range will be. The speed will also be changing on the data collected. Here is how it looks like:


After 40 sec, all particles will come together and visualize a heart shape. Different color will stand for different meaning and level of love, and we will have voice instruction for users.



And here is our version of Animation:


p5 code (v1): http://alpha.editor.p5js.org/xmhany/sketches/Hy3YlbAWz 

We got many useful feedback from our user testing, and a whole basket of great idea of how to engage our project even better, and players are very curious about how it works and their results. We are looking forward to be on the winter show! and here is the link of the first youtube video of our project!



See you on ITP WinterShow 2017!

Live Stream archive from Dan Shiffman:

(Thank you so much for the live stream!!)


Particle love by Edan Kwan
Coding Challenge #59: Steering Behaviors by Dan Shiffman
Coding Challenge #50.1: Animated Circle Packing – Part 1 by Dan Shiffman

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