Week 7: Final character application

Animation_unreal from Ella Chung on Vimeo.

My final character was lying on the floor for a game application in Unreal Engine using the Blueprints of the game character. I originally wanted to make a game console with my character. I have watched the online video tutorials to understand how to replace the default character with the character created in Mixamo and Adobe Fuse. I tried to make the character rotate to its original position, yet I failed in making it animated in standing position.

After the beginning of the class, I learnt to make animation by ticking some options in importing the characters and realized that importing options could affect the skeleton mesh. Now the character could stand normally with animation. I have struggled a lot with the unreal engine in creating animation, actions and cinematic. After I understood how to make it move, I was more encouraged to play with unreal engine more. I love playing and exploring with 3D landscapes which feels like making landscape in the popular game SIMS. Hopefully we could have more time on creating actions and cinematic of the character. Unreal engine could be hard to understand even following the instructions of the video tutorials. By now, I have a short video with a pan camera of the final character with fight, punch and dying actions.

Unreal-engine-wk7 from Ella Chung on Vimeo.



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