Week 12: Project Final update v2

Should we keep it in a heart shape beating that emanates the results of checking the pulse and humidity? Or should we change it into an interactivity that users could synchronize in the process?

The result is we are doing both.

  1. The state of compatibility is to change color from cooler tone to warmer tone.
  2. The ICM part would be changing the moving direction.


Abstract expression.

Our another idea is to visualize our results with a particle system.

Based on different results, the visual will have different changing. For example, the particle will be more colorful and dancing around. If tester’s result are over 80% (In love). On the contrary, the visual will turn cooler tone and slower moving motion.

We wanted to use a clear holographic glass for projection and see through experience. Users could look at each other through the clear glass, the results would be projected from projection and onto the clear glass. We got consultation from Gabe for Pepper’s Ghost and projection material and the technique of illusion. Yet it did not achieve what we wanted, there is no clear holographic film in US and it is very expensive.

The idea was combining all surveys we had with the ITP students and teachers about the pulse sensing concept. Dan inspired us the way of interaction between users. Mimi provide some feedback about the expression of affection: 1) A growing flower is hard to code, 2) love is a very abstract expression, it doesn’t have to be an object. This had turned our concept from growing flowers or stickers to an abstract expression in particle system. This reference below is from three.js, we wanted to figure out if we could achieve a similar visual expression.

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