Week 10: Final project plans update

In this week, we want to vary our results with pulse and humidity sensor and the meaning of interactivity.

Should we keep it in a heart shape beating that emanates the results of checking the pulse and humidity? Or should we change it into an interactivity that users could synchronize in the process?

P1. Visual painting.

Our first idea is to visualize our results with a growing flower. Based on our time slots of whole test processing, the testing time is around 1mins long.


a single flower.


based on different results, the flower will have different shape changing. For example, the flower will growing up/ more colorful/ wind with another flower/ dancing… if tester’s result are over 80% (In love). On the contrary, the flower will shrinking/ drying/ dying… if the results is under 20%.


P2a. Webcamera using for detecting users face

The second idea of us is to using web camera to detecting user’s face, projecting on the screen and then changing the background with different visual effects. For example, if the results are over 80%, there will be flower dropping/ butterfly flying around at the background.

In our opinion,  this is better idea because it is more interactive with audience. because the face changing of testers and different every single moments. The whole processing will be unexpected and audience will stay there and expecting the next moments.


P2b. Web camera using for detecting user’s face and adding sticker.

The stickers will chancing with results.

And we did some research about sensor using, and there’s a article about how MIT researchers using camera for detecting ppl’s pulse. It is a really interesting topic and we will try to see if the sensor working for out project!

MIT researchers measure your pulse, detect heart abnormalities with smartphone camera

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