Week 9: Final project proposal

For the final project, I collaborate with Eva Chen and Ivy on the heart beat testing.

Basically, the project is attempting to create a heart beating match result. The plan is to combine 2 individual’s pulse and humidity sensor to reveal the matching results:

Many people have show interests in curious about themselves and their partner. The interactivity is based on the chemistry of 2 users. No matter is friendship, loving relationship or family, it shows how synchronized and how both users love each other.

The prototype has been tested out with a glove, and this time we wanted to create a more friendly sensor for users, so they do not need to prepare for awhile before testing out. The display will also be more animated and interactive with the pulse results indicating their feeling matches between users.


UI flow: (p5 sketch)

The results could be in different forms or meanings:
80% or more = heart shape (love)
50% or more = hand shaking (friendship)
20% or more = let’s get a coffee (knowing each other more!)


Week 10

  • Remodel p5 Sketch
  • testing with sensors

Week 11 

  • How to calculate the average of matching results.

Week 12

  • How to calculate the average of matching results. (v2)
  • adjust pulse and humidity sensor data

Week 13

  • Play-testing with actual product

Week 14

  • Final Presentation


P.comp Integration:
  • pulse sensor — pulse count / mins — the higher the number, the more feeling you have to this person
  • humidity sensor– sweating level of a person’s palm — more sweating detected & higher temperature = more nervous and more feeling you have for this person
  • Combine the (Humidity + Pulse) results, create a (feeling) matching results and show by a beating heart.


Interaction Plan

  1. First, 2 users will be placing their hands on the sensor.
  2. Then, they will be asked to look at each other and holding each other with another hand.
  3. The p5 will show measuring when they place their hands on sensor, the heart will beat in animation effects.
  4. After calculating, matching results will be shown.

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