Week 1: Stop Motion

A LEGO short film made by Xiao Ma, James Huang and I with our first experience of using Dragon Stop Motion. Immediately after dividing up our groups, we quickly thought of LEGO as our character for storytelling. In our progress of brainstorming, I find out that stop motion gave us a wide range of possibilities for fictional stories, with the aid of photography tricks to make an inanimate objects to move in several frames. Our simple story was a LEGO wanted to play with the wooden mirror in ITP, but he was too small to be detected. He just got angry and fly to find Danny Rozin for complaints.

As we prepare to shoot, we have some technical issues and found out there is a watermark after we shoot. We eventually use the computers from the lab to record some of them again. I never thought we need to spend such a long time in making a 30 sec animation. This really did give me a memorable experience and I enjoyed it.

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