Final Project Concept

Interactivity of Aurora lights 

My inspiration

Throughout my inspiration of working with lights, soundscapes and environmental creation in previous art installations. I want to make use of my artistic side to create an installation combining fabrics with lights and projection. There was once a London artist who uses draperies and fabrics with lights. When I saw her installation, I love how the light felt softer with fabrics, and the projection of the light creates variant colors onto it. When I see them both together, I think of lights dancing with fabrics. The way I imagine it with the lights dancing sounds familiar with my experience of aurora borealis in Alaska.


In my brief idea of final project, I used a similar setup with my projection photography. In this project, I added a mirror or reflector that could project lights that I wanted in the p5 sketches onto the fabrics from the bottom. In this way, the “skirt” of the fabric would light up and looks like aurora lights. I am uncertain if this would work or how it would look like, but it might be fun to explore. To control the Arduino and computer to projection lights, I wanted to make something that is touch sensitive on a map of Iceland or even made by conductive paint. Of course, the whole idea has to be in a dark room. This installation may be hard to find location or test out.

For an interesting finding, I saw an amazing lights video from Thomas Wilfred’s Lumia compostions.
These lights are made by prisms or glass bottles that have different angles to diversify lights.

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