Midterm project: Scary Box

For the midterm project, my partner Assel and I wanted to make an idea which is similar to “useless box”. When you approach the Ultrasonic distance sensor, the spider will pop out from the box’s lid to scare you. We first test out if the servo will move according to the distance sensor with the Arduino code.At the end, the servo does works with the code and the specific angle we are trying to make with the spider.

Next, I build a prototype box that will fit the spider in, but having the distance sensor left out of the box. The main reason for this step is to measure what degrees of the spider should hide and pop out again. Another test is to find out the handle’s length to pop out the spider from the box to the surface, so it would not just get stuck by the bottom of the box when it is too long.


At the end, we tried to place all the wires, batteries, Arduino and breadboard into the box. It was much cramped than we thought, and the spider has less space to move in and out smoothly. We also added a potentiometer so that we can control the on and off switch for the spider. Hopefully we could have a bigger box and more organized wires in the box in the next version.



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