Week 6 : Mounting motor

This last project is mounting motors, I used the servo as an automatic feeder by utilizing the time it swings to fall food and close up in a certain time! I have to admit that this isn’t the best I could get, and I am kind of lost with motors and many technical issues would suddenly occur, such as my Arduino died and I have to borrow my friend’s. Here are some materials I have used in the project:



  • Servo
  • plastic bottle
  • cutter
  • screw driver
  • screws
  • cardboard
  • glue gun
  • wood blocks
  • arduino


1.Test out your motors

It is important to test out the motors with Arduino to make sure it works. I connected the servo to my Arduino and typing the codes for how long do I want my feeder to open and close up, and how much degrees to turn.


2. Cut the plastic bottle in half

Use the cutter to half the bottle in half which will makes a funnel shape for objects to fall into it.


3. Building up the stand

Starting to build on the heights by wood blocks, eventually we will glue a handle in between the wood blocks for extension. I cutout the cardboard with identical size, and the extension of cardboard will support the motor to hang and turn. I also drilled holes so to fit the servo’s screws to fasten it.

4. Mounting up the motors

After drilling the holes through the cardboard, I attached the motor on it with the screws. In the previous version, I have used a thin wood, however it does not support the motors, it was bended. So I switched to cardboard afterwards. There could be a lot of adjustments of this section, especially the height of motor and the funnel. I have also adjusted the bottle cap much closer to the servo to minimize the gaps. Afterwards, I cut out and paste a cardboard to the servo, so it could act as a open and close “door”.

5. Finally, turn on Arduino and connect the servo!

  • Making fabrication with motors are hard, especially there could be many technical issues going on and you actually need more time than you ever thought!

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