Final Cut

Making Time with Che-Wei from Lucas on Vimeo.


After a rough cut of an overall interview, we received many useful and straight-to-the-point feedbacks. We took the consideration of Gabe’s advice on filming the feeling of busy on street, and Alan used the slow motion to indicate a different style of busy and life in New York. We then realized we need additional footage, so we shoot some of them in the school for more b-rolls. Eventually, we pick out the essential parts to match with the audio and b-rolls.

The most difficult obstacle would be having a video collaboration and editing together. Every member could have different points of view, and different schedule to cooperate.

This experience has been fun to work on filming, but I feel like I need more practice on focusing and composition-wise of the camera. I noticed that a good documentary needs to set a nice background and stage for the story, it is not just a daily life video. The documentary might have to be staged well, so it gives out a modern and clean impression of the story, eliminating unnecessary messages in the background. The stabilization and auto-focus of camera plays a crucial part in the video’s quality too.

I really love to learn more about the Premiere and After Effects together. The interactivity of video with our physical computing is another aspect that I want to go deep into. I appreciate that I had meaningful collaboration and experience with sound and audio.

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