Why Sketch for user experience?

  • Design purpose
  • Functions
  • Use Case Storyboard
  • Interface and components
  • User test and construct
  • Conclusions

In the above cheatsheet of designing an interactive artwork, we have to imagine how it look and perform through sketching it out. Sketching out ideas and concepts works for me very well, as I am a very visual thinking person. Sketching the prototype interface helps me to understand what I needed and lack of. The use case storyboard generates different possibilities and scenarios I might want my audience to achieve in the process.

In the Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook, it mentioned that there are multiple advantages in sketching:

  • contemplate more openly and creatively with ideas
  • invent and explore tons of ideas and noting ideas efficiently
  • choose and analyze the ideas you have recorded

More than the traditional sketching of ideas and concepts, we could also make use of design software in aiding the difficult part of drawing. I appreciate that there is a collaborative sketching with partners and teammates, so everyone could express and connect each ideas directly.

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