Week 5: Copper + Felt

This project I used velcro as my fasteners for felt and combining with the use of copper pipes.

Magazine racks have become my personal favorite recently for storing my design magazines. I find myself inevitable to get rid of magazines and books before I have read and digested everything I want from them. Instead of storing them in piles until my memory of the content started to diminish, I can now store them neatly which is more recent magazine that I can keep reminding myself to read.


  • 1/2 copper pipes x 7 (Home depot)
  • pipe connectors x 8 (Home depot)
  • 36×36″ black felt  (Michaels)
  • Velcro (Home depot)
  • pipe cutter (Home depot)
1.Figure out how wide you want your magazine rack to be

I measured and cut the pipes according to my desire width with a pipe cutter, and have other pipes remain the same first. It was my first time using the pipe cutter, it should be rotating the pipe cutter rather than the pipe, but it was easier for me to rotate the pipes.

2.Connect the copper pipes

I used the copper connectors with same diameter to connect the copper pipes. I should have some glue to connect and stable them well. (Is there a fastener for pipes or it’s just glue?)

3.Trim the felt and stick velcro on them

I measure the length of rack and trim the felt accordingly. Then, I paste the velcro on the both sides of the end to make a loop, so it would hang on the copper.

4.Cut the copper pipes (for more…)

After hanging the felt on the copper, I noticed the copper pipes need some cutting. I mark the place with the blue tape, so I could know where I should use the pipe cutter.

Final Results

P.S. I wanted to use leather before I use felt fabric, but I find it expensive to use leather. Any recommendations for leather store?

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  1. Great work. I’m so glad you bought a pipe cutter. Right tool for the job, did you like using it?

    Usually, copper pipe is used for plumbing and it is soldered together (our solder and soldering irons won’t work, they do get hot enough). But the soldered joints usually don’t look great, so I would recommend using an adhesive to connect them. Check this to that to see which glue they recommend.

    I don’t have a leather supplier, but I’m sure there are places in the garment district that sell affordable leather and leather scraps.

    The project looks great, nice job.

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