On-set filming

In our preparation, we have assign each of us a main role for filming, and we will switch the roles in between for exchanging the filming experience. I have came across several student film sets and learned from them about film preparation. I created a shot-list that could remind me what we have to take in the film and time management. Although the first setup for film have spent for an hour which we did not expected, the video shooting ended at the right time we planned to be.

I was appreciate that many of us are reliable of our roles in the film set. We tried different angles for many takes and make sure we could get the most of our filming. We used 2 cameras for multi-angle shots, hopefully could spice up the video with b-roll. Che-wei is a very friendly ITP Alumni who always being patient with the filming and setups. His generosity of sharing his projects to us help us being students in ITP to know we could do so much more!  His brave idea of time keeping and the sense of busy triggers me to think about the sense of time more which I normally do not.

Having myself involved in many film setups, I finally able to learn and manage my own documentary film. I am looking forward for more video editing and filming techniques, and finding various setups and angles that I could make use of.

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