A 3-5 minute (max) audio/video PORTRAIT OF A SPECIALIST (shoemaker, whistler, botanist, dog trainer, chemist, etc). Think about framework for the piece: documentary, experimental, multi-channel installation, online viewers, etc

In the storyboard of “Portrait of a specialist”, we came up with some friends or career that carries a unique skillset or career. We looked through street artists, creative entrepreneur (a former ITP students),  tattoo artists, ramen chef, etc. Based on the limited time we have, we first create the storyboard of our composition frames and sequence in our video with the subject. Lucas brought up a film-industry-kind of a storyboard, which the filmmakers now clip existing film scenes and combine them into a flow of sequence of the film, that would inspire them the overall content and shooting angles.

Presentation by Lucas Chung, Alan Peng, Ella Chung, Anita Mbabazi

In the overview of our documentary:

  1. A shot portraying subject in what would look like his element. His daily routine. 
  2. Introduction and interview shot.
  3. Subject shot at work. Close-up of drawing in inspiration, tools and techniques.
  4. Shot showing subject engaging with clients, selling his works, giving tips.
  5. Personalized shot of subject. Why the thing he does is important to him. 

Through the overall sequence, the documentary film will be a remix of B-rolls and interview shots of subject. While they are talking their inspiration and making of things, b-rolls will be used to demonstrate the actual making. His inspiration would be a close up of skillsets and brainstorming process. In our discussion, we would like our makers to share their creative thinking and tips to our ITP students for making crafts or invention, and emphasize that the things we do now matters.

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