Soundwalk + The Machine stops

ITP Stairwell Soundwalk

by Ella Chung, Chian Huang, and James Schmitz.

The concept behind was to record the audio of ourselves walking from the main entrance of NYU Tisch building up all 12 flights of stairs to the top of building. When you are listening to our soundwalk, you can hear the sound effects of our recording that is related to the departments of each floor. Not only the soundwalk guides you through the department, you could also feel the tiredness through the tempo of footsteps, it synchronizes your footsteps and our footsteps to create that immediate experience through sound in the Tisch building located at 721 broadway in New York City.

Here is our floor directory of ITP:

Floor # Department
2 Drama: Theatre
3 Drama
5 Acting; Theatrical Production
6 Cinema Studies
7 Dramatic Writing; Film & Television
8 Animation; Photography & Imaging
9 Film & Television
10 Film & Television
11 Film & Television
12 Counseling Services, Dean’s Office, Film & Television, Special Programs

(Sound effects from

The experience of making a soundwalk is intriguing that you have to experience it first,  and combine different elements to create the atmosphere with the audience. I enjoy how I could learn to remix different sounds together in Adobe Audition, it would be a great tool for me to recreate sounds in different location for AR/VR.


The Machine Stops

by E.M. Forster

This science fiction was  written in 1909, but the style of writing is very contemporary. The relationship between human and technology has evolved in a way that devalues human interaction and the actual contact with space. The human beings in the futuristic world relies all on machine, buttons that they do not travel as much as their ancestors. The machine has taken over human beings, in the contrary of, machine was originally created in our will. The more the machine develops for efficiency, it has robbed human being’s sensory of touch and space, and made us abandon our wills.

The world that the author illustrates could be drawn from the hidden clues in our modern world. Painting in iPad become less sensory way of feeling the paint brushes in contact of art board, it eliminates the exercise of muscle in drawing and feeling the flow. We thought we could understand the world through social media channels, yet the reality was barely exposed in the social media. The interaction of our hands to objects becomes to a simple sliding finger gesture. The story of The Machine Stops gave us a idea or possibilities that our modern world may evolve the way he mentioned. I am curious how the relationship between technology and culture could evolve in the future.


Introduction To Audio With DSLRS

Koala wind screen covering the shotgun could pick up natural sounds without picking up wind sound which is great for me to use at outdoor.

Directional and omnidirectional mic picks up according to range of people we targeting, but I would rather use two directional or omnidirectional mic on each person, so we could pick up a more clearer conversation in the same natural sound environment.

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