Week 2 : Multiples

In this week of assignment, we have to make multiples of something, 5 or more.

I have decided to do something I am interested in — a floating bonsai. Even though I am allergic to flowers, I wanted to have some natural decoration without causing me allergic. Rather than placing a plant on table for me to stare, I would like to change my plants in different season when I wanted to. The idea of Air Bonsai is a new conceptual of plants decoration, and the way it floats mediates me when I look at it.

I started to build up my own floating bonsai:


  1. Yosoo Levitation Ion Revolution Platform
  2. Glue gun
  3. Scenic trees / moss
  4. Artificial flowers
  5. foam balls
  6. wood glue
  7. Thin plywoods
  8. Hand drills + Drill bits
  9. C Clamps
  10. Band Saw
  11. Sander



Step 1: Trim down the plywoods for the cover of the base

After cutting the woods to build the container for the magnetic field, I also sand the edges so the wood strips would not “fly out” too much.


Step 2: Drill a hole through one of the wood and glue other parts together.

I have used a sacrificial board and a C Clamp to stabilize the wood for me to drill through a hole, which allows the cable to extend from the magnetic field. After that, I tried to use drilling methods to combine the edges of the container together. Yet the wood is too soft and thin, I turn to use wood glue and blow dryer to create a container.

Step 3: Creating the floating Bonsai

I begin with a sphere foam and rearrange the artificial flowers on top of it. To make it more like a bonsai, I applied the scenic trees or moss with the glue gun to stick with the foam. (After that, I realize I should use the scenic trees’ glue instead as it kept falling off) I also cut off the bottom of foam, so the bonsai should stand on the magnetic disk for it to turn and float.

Final Outcome:

Other bonsais:

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  1. Nice work and great use of a ready made device.

    I’d like to know more about the wooden cover of the magnetic device. Why cover it all? How did you assemble the box? Did you use clamps or jigs?

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