Week 2: Psychpathology of Everyday Things + fun projects

The Psychopathology of Everyday Things

From Norman, Design of Everyday Things, I have learnt the visibility plays a crucial part of good design. Giving appropriate clues of how to use and the feedback of user’s action is the main psychology of how people interact with objects. It includes the intended actions and actual operation with distinction of the design. I always have difficulties on opening doors, or even swinging the gate to subway. Should I turn in this side or that side? The metro in Hong Kong which make the gate simpler, but just giving me hint that I only have to walk through the gate, but it could be the about different cultures and mentality. The lack of affordance of design would also decrease the efficiency with the confusing signs and feedback. I cannot agree more though that the simpler the design, the more complex and difficulty it takes to create.

Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better

In the two distinctive tensions between usability and aesthetics, it has the possibilities that usable products could be ugly while neat packages of product does not operate well. Even though the we should not be counting on aesthetics, beautiful product could create different cognitive and effect, and it helps to understand how people interact with objects in different status of positive or negative thinking. “Good design means that beauty and usability are in balance.” claimed by Norman, and it concludes that the attractive design is taken into many considerations for users to use in a pleasant way.

Physical Computing’s Greatest Hits (and misses)

Tilty stands and tables would probably be my favorite invention, as it involves not only 2D and 3D dimensional, it gives us the interaction to find different angles to move it around. The endless possibilities of interaction and appealing results make it so compelling that I would want to get a hold on it!


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