Her long black hair sound walk

I started Janet’s Cardiff’s Her Long Black Hair sound walk at the morning of Central Park. The immediate listening and physical interaction with environment seems like a “double exposure” of the memory, retracing the paths she went, knowing the history and culture at her time, and is like talking to your friend at the park but travel back time.

Things are different from her days: the quacking sound of animals, the musicians singing on the street is missing from the actual scene. Even though I could not see the scene she is narrating, I could feel the atmosphere by imagining and combining with the modern world.

Her mumbling in my ears creates that synchronization between her thinking and my walking. The experience is like taking our conscious mind to the sound recording, we think but we don’t speak right away about the feeling. Not only I could hear her sound, I could smell similar smell, I can see similar trees and statues, and I can feel the sweat after walking.

The sound travel in parallel world, I could hear her recording in her time and the remix of 19th century woman walking down the path through her information and opera sound. The whole new experience could not be done by photography, the sound consist of several layers so you can streamline the time and location very closely. I fell in love in the way of memory could work by not just sharing vision in photography, but also the sound that generates that immediate atmosphere.

Her Long Black hair by Janet Cardiff http://phiffer.org/hlbh/

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