Week 1: Introduction

How computation applies to your interests:

I am Ella Chung from Hong Kong and LA. I graduated being a fine art artists, and become a graphic and web designer and photographer. Technology and art both are always my interests in a very long term. There wasn’t much of the combination of technology and art in my childhood, and the nearest combination I could get would be the website coding. I am always trying to find a way to make graphic design in a more practical way, and exploring the artistic side of the technology.

Computation is what attracts me to the first interaction of design and coding. My first coding started from the basic html in Xanga (hopefully you know what it is!) for rearranging structures and appearance customization of the blog. The passion went on and brought me to the web design field, where HTML, CSS and Javascript is needed to create the website layout. When working in different design agencies in Los Angeles, I am always amazed by Codepen’s javascript where you could zoom in and fade in images in the website, which creates interesting dynamic and interaction with users.


Projects that I love – Archive Dreaming

Archive Dreaming – Building relations and drawing alt-history with machine learning

I love projects that help users to either understand a concept or experience emotional feelings. Looking at the massive data processing welding into conceptual arts or installation, I can see the relationships and concepts throughout the decades from our history. The machine learning generates new concept or versions of history through the process of distinguishing real and fake sources. The results of the data are being visualized to an architecture form of space and light. Users could also interact with it by organizing or looking closely to the details of data.

I appreciate that the team not just generate a conceptual art from data, but also make meaningful links and relationships between the data and history. The process of turning data into visions and relationships was like looking at the galaxy, a galaxy you never seen with your own eyes, but the data processing allowed us to imagine and generate the look and feel. I imagine that I could make a similar approach of Archive dreaming, generate a conceptual art through data inputs, maybe the mapping of emotions to help decrease the mental illness.


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