Week 1: Flashlight

Assignment: Build a flashlight using any tool(s) or technique(s) you’d like. I’m defining a flashlight as: portable, battery powered, and creates light.

Step 1: Draft and researching ideas on how to make a flashlight: 

I came across different DIY youtube videos to have a brief idea of how flashlight could be made. Some videos came with different circuit structures and components, and I have draft a few ideas and plans for my flashlight. My partner and I are trying to test out with LED lights, wires and batteries.

Step 2: Gathering materials 

In the process of research, I figured to use the soda bottles as the container to be portable, and how circuits to be placed in the container to connect the batteries. I also need a few LED lights, batteries, and wires to make the flashlight to be able to light up. Here are my lists and preparation:


  • 2 LED lights
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 2-3 wires
  • Soda bottle + cap


  • Tapes
  • Scissors
  • Solder

Step 3: Making the flashlight 

After cutting the bottle into divided sections, I flipped the top bottle part upside down, so it could be the top of the flashlight. I removed the bottle cap, and drill through so I can install the LED lights. In order to stabilize the batteries, I used tapes to make sure the batteries and wires are connected properly. I utilized the solder to connect the LED and wires, so the electricity to pass through and make it light. It is my first time using solder, and it was fun to see how the metal melts and connect again.

Step 4: Testing out the flashlight! 

OH YEAH, it works! I should have installed 2 more LED lights to make it brighter…

Well, another feature of this flashlight is to scare somebody in Halloween!







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  1. Nice work, good use of found materiels.
    I’d like to see how you attached the one half of the cut bottle to the other half. Did you just use tape?
    Is there a switch of button being used?

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